Asked how counselling has helped?

"It has given me power, control, standing, increased my sense of self-worth" - 21st October 2020

Asked about any changes that have been particularly important?

"Change in perspective – relieved of the guilt and shame – been the most important thing in my life – It freed me up and reminded me of my own strength." 14th September 2020

Asked what did you value most about counselling?

"It was non-judgemental - it changed my perspective, I was able to looking at it differently, understanding how it affects me, focusing on the now (present)" - 22nd June 2020

Review of counselling sessions

"I've been able to step back, which has helped. I am able to accept the relationship with my mother" 23rd July 2018

Session ending with teenage client

"feeling much better, less angry and able to cope. Can focus on life going forward" 22nd February 2017

Review of short term counselling sessions

"Communication has improved with my wife, so I now feel able to support her going forward" 8th October 2016

Extract from thank you letter

"Thank you isn't enough and I don't know what words are, your help over the last year has got me through it and I know I've still have a fair way to go but its more bearable now" 7th September 2016